Mount Lehman Farm

Naturally Raised Grass-Only Beef

As a small family farm with high standards, we can only produce a limited quantity of our Grass-Only Beef. We therefore encourage you to pre-order your side or a quarter of beef to reserve your purchase. Pre-ordering will also allow you to specify your preferences for cuts and packaging.
If you would like to reserve a side or quarter of beef we require a $200 deposit by cheque or Money Order for a side of beef and $100 deposit for 1/4 beef. This will guarantee your order. The balance will be due at the time of pick-up or delivery. Please make cheque payable to:
Mount Lehman Farm and mail it to PO Box 113, Mount Lehman, BC V4X 2P7.
Orders can be picked up at the butcher shop, our farm or arrangements can be made for delivery to your door for a fee. At present we can make deliveries to the Lower Mainland and Fraser Valley areas only.
To order, please E-mail us or call 604.856.3775.

To purchase individual cuts of our Grass-Only beef please email us for the list of items currently in stock.

Products and prices

Free Range, young Grass-Only Beef raised without GMOs, artificial growth hormones, steroids, antibiotics or pesticides and herbicides.

All beef packages are frozen. Prices include custom cut and wrap.

Grass-Only Ground Beef - $8.50/lb

Grass-Only Stewing Beef - $9.50/lb

Grass-Only Soup Bones - $5.00/lb, minimum order 4 lbs.

Grass-Only 1/4 Beef (Front and Hind Mixed) - SOLD OUT
Orders are taken for 2014
Average dressed weight
* 100-150 lbs

Grass-Only Side of Beef - SOLD OUT
Orders are taken for 2014
Average dressed weight
* 200-300 lbs

For a list of steaks, roasts and other items now in stock please Email us.

Our next beef by a side or quarter will be available sometimes in 2014. Please check this website at a later date for more information or email us to put your name on a waiting list. While our beef sides and quarters are only available seasonally, our ground and stewing beef is available most of the year. As well, often we might have roasts and steaks available. Please inquire before ordering. You may pick up orders of ground and stewing beef as well as roasts or steaks in stock at our Mount Lehman Farm or delivery may be arranged for a fee. Please call us at 604.856.3775 or E-mail us for more information.

Prices are subject to change without notice.

*A note about dressed weight and pricing:

Those new to ordering large quantities of beef are often confused about the pricing system used by beef producers. At the grocery store, meat is sold at a price per pound or kilogram of post-processing weight. That is, price is based on the "ready-to-cook" weight. Beef producers like Mount Lehman Farm, on the other hand, base their prices on what is known as the "dressed weight," the weight of beef when it is first hung to dry-age. This is different from the ready-to-cook weight. As fresh beef is aged and prepared for your use, it loses weight in the form of moisture, as well as from the removal of fat and bones. Because of this, the actual amount of beef you receive is 33 to 40% less than the quoted dressed weight. Our prices, which are based on dressed weight, have been set with this weight reduction in mind.

How to order