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Mount Lehman Farm

Mt Lehman Community Newsletter

 Mount Lehman Farm is a 60-acre family farm located in  Abbotsford, British Columbia, just 72 km (43 mi.) from  Vancouver, where the lush  uplands of the Fraser Valley provide ideal farmland for  raising our grass-only cows. We recognize that  conventional agricultural practices are harmful to cow,  consumer, and ecology alike, and therefore endeavor to  follow a more natural path, one without growth hormones,  steroids, or unhealthy-for-cattle grains. Instead, we nourish our cows with grass  and forage (and the occasional organic apple as a  treat). It is our belief that happy, healthy cows, fed  on grass and given plenty of sunshine, fresh air, and  affection, produce superior quality beef. We think  you'll agree.

Our beef is raised from birth to finish. It is available by a side or by a quarter. As well we carry ground beef year round.

To find out more about the  benefits of grass-only or, as some call it, grass-fed  beef, click here. To find prices and ordering information,  please go to our How to order page.

We will continue to develop and  update this page. Please check often for new  information.

Frank & Eva Stuart


Grass-Only Beef - Mount Lehman Farm

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